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Timberly Williams


What Our Customers Are Saying...

Wooden Board

Better Than Our Competitors

Have you ever had to cut something into an odd shape for a project?

Perhaps, you needed to replace material or patch a hole?

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Comparison Video

Our Premium Template Tool is stronger, more durable, and higher caliber than our competitors. We are THE TOUGHEST TEMPLATE TOOL out there. 

What is a Template Tool?

The Easy Angle-er Premium Template Tool is a professional and DIY tool for creating/recreating any shape/ joint/ angle. Using the adjustable knobs, lock it to position to create a precise stencil to use on your building material: tile, lumber, stone, brick, drywall, laminate, and more. It saves time and wasted material by eliminating inaccurate cuts and guesswork. 

Template Tool Instructions

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I bought this as a gift for my father in-law who does carpentry work. He has almost every tool there is but I wanted to get him something a little different. He absolutely loves it. So, I purchased this little nifty tool. This is a really great tool for easily getting quick angles without having to measure out and possibly making a wrong cut. 

My brother in law had gotten one before me, i liked the way he could get the angles. Then, I got the Braxtly one. This was a lot better material then the one that my brother in law had. All in all I feel that one from Braxtly out classed all of the ones that were online. 

woodworker review Older Man.png

I purchased two of these Template Tools and gave one to a close friend as a gift. I have used this many times in a short period of time, while building many birdhouses and multiple bookshelves both large and small. Awesome tool, and thank you for making it available for purchase!!!

Wooden Board

Premium Heavy Duty

Wooden Board


The Braxtly Tools Easy Angle-er Premium Template Tool is the ultimate heavy duty multi angle ruler for measuring angles and shapes. It is made of the highest quality premium materials. You'll never worry about accidentally bending or breaking it.

Save Time and Materials

Multiple cuts, trying to get the right angle and size, wastes time and materials. Plus, there are unwanted trips back and forth to Lowe's. Not to mention, IF you know how to properly use a speed square (most people don't), then, it takes a bit of time.

You can do the job QUICKLY and EASILY with Braxtly Tool's Premium Easy Angle-er Template Tool. Even if you are not a professional, it's fast and easy to use. 

So, you can get back to getting things done. No delays. No unexpected road blocks in the middle of your day.

Just kicking To-Do-List a$$!!!

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American Flag

American Military Family

Braxtly Tools is owned and operated by an American Family of four, with a rich military history.

Wooden Deck

You Are Missing This Tool

Right now, you don't have a tool in your toolbox that can easily do what our Premium Template Tool can do. So, you may think you don't need this. But, know this...


You won't NEED it, until you REALLY NEED it. So, GET it, BEFORE you need it! 

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100% Money Back Guaranteee

We stand by our product. So, if you are not completely satisfied with it, you can return it for 100% of your money back! This is our No Risk Assurance.

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5 Star Company

1000's of Happy Customers

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it. Read these reviews from our customers.

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This was a life saver.

We bought this template tool mid-way through a project to refurbish a very out-of-square chicken coop. The difference was amazing when I had this tool to layout the cuts on plywood for the interior walls! Thank you for building a quality product in the USA that is so handy!

T. Jostes


A portion of EVERY SALE is donated to veteran charities.

Thank you veterans!

Braxtly Tools Heavy Duty Knee Pads

Other knee pads look like ours, but they have different materials. Our PVC shell casing is extra thick, our fasteners are reinforced, and our straps are stress tested. Watch our HEAVY DUTY product video in the image section.



Order with a Template Tool and get the Knee Pads for only $25.00

(That's 30% off!) 

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